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Anyone who cannot speak clearly and simply should say nothing and continue to work until he can do so.
Sir Karl Popper


bullit  Product Strategy Program Management
bullit  Shire Pharmaceuticals

bullit  Maury rescued a major IT project at my company
bullit  from a situation that had been headed for failure.

bullit  We had an IT consulting team that had been struggling
bullit  for more than a year to develop a budgeting tool for us,
bullit  but had run into successive difficulties in delivering it.

bullit  Maury came on board and turned this around in just
bullit  a few months. The budget tool she developed
bullit  became the company standard and was used
bullit  successfully for years.

bullit  She won over not just our department, but also the
bullit  Finance department through a combination of her IT
bullit  expertise and a great work ethic.

bullit  Finance Manager, R&D Finance
bullit  Shire Pharmaceuticals

bullit  Maury is very customer focused, and you can
bullit  tangibly see this in the programs that she develops.

bullit  Maury is always willing to take on difficult projects,
bullit  and I have always been more than pleased
bullit  with the outcome of her work.

bullit  One of Maury’s best qualities is that she listens,
bullit  understands and is always able to determine
bullit  the most appropriate solution for every project.

bullit  Maury has an uncanny ability to build custom
bullit  solutions to fit various customers’ needs.

bullit  Partner at Fortium Partners LP bullit  
bullit  Maury has worked with and for me on numerous
bullit  projects for clients such as Campbell Soup,
bullit  Vlasic International Inc. and the Radian Group Inc.

bullit  She has the ability to quickly understand the client's
bullit  problem, document the issues and suggest
bullit  price appropriate solutions in a well thought out
bullit  proposal.

bullit  Senior Vice President
bullit  The Bryn Mawr Trust Company

bullit  Services included a rewrite of the bank's budgeting
bullit  system and the bank's profitability model used to
bullit  evaluate the bank's lines of business. The upgraded
bullit  model improved the bank's budgeting process
bullit  tremendously.

bullit  Maury is very thorough in her assessment of the
bullit  client's goals.

bullit  The deliverables are clearly defined, easily
bullit  understood and time frames for delivery are well
bullit  documented.

bullit  Maury is a dedicated professional committed to
bullit  providing excellent service and support to her clients.